The Little Pot by Dawn Stephens

■Title: The Little Pot
■Author and Illustrator: Dawn Stephens
■Publisher: Bumblebee Productions (2009)
■ISBN-10: 1-933982-11-X
■ISBN-13: 978-1-933982-11-3
■SRP: $17.95
■Reviewed by: Janice D. Green

Rating:  :) :) :) :) :)

The Little Pot by Dawn Stephens is a children’s storybook that teaches a lesson in patience as Little Pot wonders and worries about what he will become.

The story has several ups and downs to keep a child as well as the adult reader interested and wanting to know what will happen next. The relationship between the potter and Little Pot is unmistakably parallel to the relationship between God and his children, yet the story does not preach. The message can speak to both child and adults alike as we struggle to understand what our purpose in life must be.

Children and adults will enjoy the colorful illustrations. The pictures make me feel like I’m in the room with the potter and can feel the texture of the unglazed pots. Little Pot’s playful expressions add a whimsical touch.

I exchanged books with this author with the hope for book reviews as appropriate. This book is easy to love and did not disappoint me in any way. The review is freely given.

This book was reviewed by Janice D. Green, author of The Creation and The First Christmas.

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