New Life and New Challenges

Spring is finally making its way to New England. Though there are still some frosty nights, signs of new life are everywhere. A family of deer–including three little ones–comes into our yard to feed in the early evenings. The crocus are in bloom. Our trees are filled with robins twittering away.

I, too, am in a new season of my life. I’ve been home with my children for nine years. Now, it seems I’m being led to help my family in new ways by working outside the home. My emotions have been undulating between excitement and dread.

Not long after I become a stay-at-home mom, I began wondering how I accomplished all I did when I worked full- or part-time. My days are packed with household chores, homework help, and escorting my girls back and forth to a variety of places. From my home office, I help authors promote their books and write my own children’s stories. My schedule is overflowing. How on earth can I manage adding a part-time job into the mix?

The funny thing is that I did all this years ago as a single parent. Why is it so hard now? Is it because I’m older? Is it because I went back to work when my son was three months old because I “had to” in order to survive? Is it because I wasn’t able to see how much I missed with my son until he had grown and moved away, while I’ve had the chance to truly appreciate and be blessed by the time with my girls?

I’ve been praying for guidance as I move into this new season of my life. I pray God will help me and my family adjust to the changes ahead. I pray I’m open to listening to God’s plan for my life. And I also pray that if my plans and God’s don’t match, I’ll be open to hearing his direction.

What has been most helpful to you in adjusting to changes in your life?

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New Life and New Challenges — 8 Comments

  1. I think allowing myself time. Time to adjust, time to feel strange and different, time to breath and notice those around me. So often when change comes it brings it’s cousin worry. But worry crowds out love and invites stress. So time and permission to take time seems to help keep the unwanted visitors from overstaying their welcome.

  2. I admire that you are seeking His guidance in this important decision. Life changes are difficult and listening to His voice, trusting His plan is the only thing that helps me adjust to difficult changes. I truly believe He will bless you with the wisdom to make the right choice BECAUSE you are seeking. Patience in waiting for His answer is the hardest part for me.

  3. It seems we are forever having to re-adjust our priorities for one reason or another. Even when we know that keeping God’s priorities is the most important, we often struggle to know for sure what they are. I pray you will successfully discern how to recognize God’s leading in everything you do.

  4. I ‘hear’ you, Cheryl. I don’t have any solutions, but to try to “let now your heart be troubled”… just saying that scripture over and over again… in the midst of the emotional turmoil. You’re not alone! Praying for you…

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