Book Review: A Step in the Write Direction (Student Edition) by Donna Clark Goodrich

A Step in the Write Direction (Student Edition)
■Author: Donna Clark Goodrich
■Publisher: UpWrite Books
■ISBN-10: 1-4141-1999-2
■ISBN-13: 978–1-4141-1999-1
■SRP: $16.99
■Reviewed By: Cheryl Malandrinos

Rating: :) :) :) :) :)

Volunteering in our local schools, I’m amazed by the ability of many of the students to create meaningful stories and articles. Some express a desire to write professionally in the future. Thankfully, for budding Christian writers, multi-published author Donna Clark Goodrich has created an excellent resource.

In A Step in the Write Direction, Goodrich has compiled helpful information on many aspects of publishing:

  • How to get started,
  • Where to get ideas,
  • Manuscript formats,
  • Fiction writing, nonfiction, poetry, and more
  • Editing tips,
  • How to sell what you write,
  • How to tackle obstacles,

and helpful resources all writers need. I’ve been writing almost ten years and I found information within this book’s pages I could put to good use. A variety of “Assignments” help the reader learn more about her motivation to write, compile a list of important resources, spark inspiration, and more.

What I loved most about this book is Goodrich’s encouraging style. Her passion for writing and helping others become successful writers shines through on every page. If you’re serious about a writing career, pick up a copy of this book to help you get started. If you’re already writing with the goal of being published, A Step in the Write Direction can help guide you along the way.

Highly recommended.

I received a copy of this book from the author. This review contains my honest opinions, for which I was not compensated in any way.


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Book Review: A Step in the Write Direction (Student Edition) by Donna Clark Goodrich — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you, Cheryl. Just want to let readers know that an “adult” version of this is also available that contains more information such as collaborating with another writer, income taxes for writers, etc.; however, it doesn’t have the assignments that the student edition has.

    • Thanks, Wendy. You can see more info on the adult version on my web site (as well as other books available). If you belong to a writers’ group, quantity discounts are available on the “Step” book.

  2. That’s great to know, Donna. I thought I saw a different version on your website. You’ve included so much information in the student version, I’m eager to learn more about the adult version, too.

    Many blessings.

  3. I’m honored to have Donna as one of my critique group members and I can say firsthand that this is a book that I refer to again and again. It is also one I recommend to people who ask me how they can become a writer. Great resource for both beginning and advanced writers!

    • Thanks, Linda. It was you, and other members of the group who read each chapter as it was written and offered suggestions, that finally brought this book to fruition. Couldn’t have done it without all of you!

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