Autumn Fun!

Autumn Trees Well, autumn has arrived in the UK, so I’m going to share some fun things to do during this season.

With all the different colours and changes, this season is a good time to explore and enjoy God’s creation. A trip to the woods or park is a great idea, but if you don’t have any nearby, there are still lots of things you can do.

I am listing the activities here, but they are all on my Pinterest board, so please head on over to take a look at the activities to see what they look like when they are when they are finished!


Fallen leaves are everywhere, so these will beChildren Throwing Leaves easy to collect. If you can get a huge pile of leaves together (or you find a huge pile of leaves) then as this photo shows, getting in the middle of it and throwing leaves over yourself and others is great fun!

Other activities you can do are: leaf rubbings, leaf printings, leaf stencils, leaf collages, leaf bugs.


ConkersOf course, there are the ever popular conker fights. One idea I really love though is drawing faces on the conkers to make conker people and have them as an imaginary play idea. Painting conkers is another fun activity. If you need counting activities, then using conkers is a great way to get children counting. You can play races rolling them across the floor to see who can get theirs to go the furthest.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese too can have faces drawn on them and made into acorn people – another idea I love! With the caps of acorns, you can make them into lovely jewel decorations by colouring the insides of them with felt tips, then filling the inside with PVA glue & leaving to dry overnight. You can also paint the acorns different colours. They can also be used in counting activities. Again, like conkers, you can play races rolling them across the floor to see who can get theirs to go the furthest.

A great story to read is Nick Butterworth’s Percy the Park Keeper: After the Storm. During the storm an old oak comes tumbling down. Animals have to be re-homed – and Percy has to plant something to replace the tree that has come down!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you can, collect lots of these. Not only can you do things with them in the autumn, but there are some great things you can do with them at Christmas time too!

Making pineapples, owls, bird feeders, Christmas decorations, and pinecone people are lots of fun ways you can use pinecones.

Sycamore Seeds.Sycamore Seeds

These are great to just throw up in the air and then watch them whirl down like helicopter blades. An activity I found on Pinterest that I like was making dragonflies with them.


Autumn Basket.

BasketHaving an autumn basket filled with leaves, pinecones, conkers, acorns, sycamore seeds, bits of bark, stones, sticks, can be a nice rustic centrepiece on table. Or just have basket available for children to play with, either just exploring, or adding it as scenery in their imaginary play.



It’s time to go blackberry picking – such a fun thing to do. Then you can enjoy eating them either raw, or have another good time making blackberry pies or crumbles! Yum!

Other Autumn Activities.

A scavenger hunt this time of year is great. It gets the children exploring and there’s lots of fun things to find!

Adding things like looking out for wildlife is good too. Spiders and their webs are everywhere this time of year – at least, they are in the UK. Looking at webs when they are wet, and when they are frosty adds to their beauty. A nice story to read about a spider and her web is Eric CarleOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA’s The Very Busy Spider.

Hedgehogs are getting ready to hibernate and love to hide in piles of leaves, so if you are planning a bonfire party, remember to check the leaves before you light it – include the children in on this discussion and let them help you check.

Also squirrels are busy this time of year, gathering and storing nuts for the winter ahead – another great discussion topic.

Have a great time this autumn exploring God’s creation and enjoying His world!

~ Wendy Sparkes ~

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