Book Review: Always Near Me

Always Near MeAlways Near Me

by Susie Poole

2012 Authentic Media Limited

ISBN 978-1-904637-20-2.

Board Book.

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Blurb: Does God really see us all the time and know exactly what we are thinking?

Always Near Me uses simple text and beautiful artwork to explore these notions through the eyes of a small child.

Based on Psalm 139, The Bible.

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I discovered this book by British author and illustrator Susie Poole while trying to find Christian board books for my young nephew. This very simple retelling of Psalm 139 makes this wonderful psalm understandable to children at a young age.

The illustrations are very applicable to a child’s life ~ I love the page where it says “You know my thoughts before I think them!” with the illustration of an ice cream van and on the opposite page a child licking their lips.

The other thing I like about the illustrations are the children are of both boys and girls, and of mixed races, showing this psalm to be for all children.

A lovely book to add to your collection!

~ Wendy Sparkes ~

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