Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible by Jay Grimstead and Eugene Calvin Clingman

Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible coverI’m in the middle of reading an intense book titled, Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible: Proclaiming the Truth on 24 Controversial Issues by Drs. Jay Grimstead and Eugene Calvin Clingman. Grimstead is the Director of the 2014 Coalition on Revival and Clingman is a member of the Steering Committee.

A book for serious Christians, the 24 documents from the book are said to provide the sure foundation for restoring the Church to God’s Word and God’s favor to the Church. It is the result of more than three decades of work of hundreds of Christian theologians and pastoral and lay leaders from a wide variety of denominations.

Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible addresses topics such as the Inerrancy of the Bible, the essentials of a Christian world view, the Biblical view of the Triune God, the eternal fate of unbelievers, Christians’ civic duty, Biblical economic systems, Biblical distinctives between males and females, a Biblical approach to counseling, and much more.

What I appreciated most about the book so far is the history the authors provided on “The Deterioration of the American and Western Church in the Past 180 Years,” which discusses the incremental deterioration in theology and personal obedience to Christ and the Bible within Christian churches and their pastors and leaders. It’s close to four pages long and provides a great deal of insight into how changes have occurred.

One of the many Appendices of the book includes “A Manifesto for the Christian Church” from July 4, 1986 along with a list of those who signed it. Some of the names I was familiar with are Michael P. Ferris from the Home School Legal Defense Fund, Peter B. Gemma of the National ProLife PAC, Rev. Donald E. Wildmon, the former president of the American Family Association, and Dr. Tim LaHaye, founder of the American Coalition for Traditional Values.

If you’re interested in rebuilding every area of your life on the foundations of the Word of God, Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible will provide the tools and inspiration.

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