Back to School Bedtime Routines


The lazy days of summer allow children to get away from their schedules. Often they stay up later and sleep in later. That can throw off their body clock. Then when a new school year rolls around they spend the first several nights exhausted because they aren’t getting enough sleep.

School begins at the end of this month here. Starting next week we are going to slowly move back to our regularly scheduled bedtimes. The best way to do that is to set up a routine. It will go something like this:

8:15 pm – Pajama time followed by snack time.

8:30 pm – Watch half an hour of TV with Dad (this is their special time together and they both cherish it).

9:00 pm – Brush teeth and go upstairs to pick out an outfit for tomorrow. All devices away.

9:15 pm – Read for 15 minutes.

9:30 pm – Prayers and then lights out.

The most important thing about routines is that they happen consistently. A routine such as this will train your child’s body to sleep at the appropriate hour.

Do your children have a bedtime routine? What are some ways your children prepare for bedtime so they get a good night’s rest?

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