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Children have many extracurricular options to choose from these days: drama club, debate club, soccer, football, and so much more! What extracurricular club will your child join this year? Although we try to instill in our children the desire to be a light in the world no matter where they are and no matter what they are doing, here is a list of clubs that you may specifically want to encourage your child to join.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes: This group focuses on serving the local community by empowering, equipping, and encouraging athletes to make a difference in the world for Christ. They have programs at the youth, junior high, high school, and college levels. To learn more, visit:

First Priority: The mission of this group is to reach every student in both the public and private school systems with the Gospel. The organization sends a church-approved youth worker to coach students wherever they form a club. The clubs have a four-week strategy called TEAM that focuses on telling others about Jesus and on building great Christian character. To find a club near you, visit:

Good News Clubs: In partnership with local churches, Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) hosts Good News Clubs that meet once a week in elementary schools. This is a fun after-school alternative that is run by church volunteers who use resources provided by Child Evangelism Fellowship. For more information, visit:

Youth For Christ: Youth For Christ has been very effective at empowering adult volunteers to reach kids through Campus Life Clubs. At these clubs, students get to spend time together, play an organized game, and hear a biblical message. Meanwhile, adult volunteers seek to form a mentoring relationship with the kids. For more information, visit:

Of course, there are many other extracurricular clubs that your kids can join to grow physically and educationally. However, these are a few options that will help foster godly characteristics in your children.

Finally, let us not forget the moms!

Moms in Prayer is an international group that aims to impact parents and children worldwide for Christ. It was started thirty years ago by a woman who prayed with a few friends in her kitchen for their children in middle school. Today, Moms in Prayer provides prayer guides and other resources for moms who set aside one hour every week in communal prayer to the Lord. I loved being a part of this group, and I am sure you will too! To learn more, visit:


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