Singing Carols with Children


Do you sing carols with your children?

I don’t just mean at church, but do you sing them, or have them playing on a stereo in your home?

My home when growing up was filled with music…hymns and choruses were sung and played regularly, even if it was only on the stereo in the background. Christmas time was no different, except we switched to Christmas music.

We have a favourite recording of a choir singing carols. We had it on every Christmas several times! It became tradition that when we started decorating the tree that was the first tape to put on. Now when I hear it, it brings back the memories of Christmases past…the laughter, warmth and joy we had during those times.

I was a preteen about the time we got the cassette of The Maranatha Kids! The Christmas Sing-a-long which had a mixture of carols and Christmas songs, which we listened to a lot! I liked it because it was children singing the carols and somehow made them more relatable. They weren’t just for singing in church, or just for grown-ups to enjoy, but children could enjoy singing them Singing-Girl (2)too.

Do you have a favourite carol? Which ones do your children like the best? Why? Have a chat about the carols as they play in your home, or ask your children on your way home from church after singing them.

So, this Christmas, if you haven’t already done so, why not get a CD of children singing carols (like the one pictured above by Cedarmont Kids) or buy a digital download of an album…or just buy the ones you like separately and create your own children’s carol playlist (oh the wonders of the digital age!) and let the words and music proclaiming our Saviour’s birth fill the hearts of your family during this Christmas season.

I won’t be blogging again until the 28th, so I just wish you all a Happy Christmas, and to those who are grieving or ill at this time, I pray that God’s comfort and love will surround you and uphold you throughout the day.

~ Wendy Sparkes ~


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Singing Carols with Children — 4 Comments

    • Thanks Janice. Yes, they are beautiful, for young and old alike, and like you say especially those ones that point to the true meaning of Christmas. And as for those others (like We 3 Kings, which I confess is not a favourite of mine!) then they can be used as a discussion point as to what the Scriptures actually say about the account, and reading together the passage from the Bible. (The account of the wise men is found in Matthew 2, in case anyone reading this is wondering!)

    • Thanks Glenys, & Happy Christmas to you too! (Yes, that’s how we say it in England!) :)

      My nephews have that CD too and enjoy listening to it, although they prefer our traditional tune to Away in a Manger rather than the one that’s on here which seems to be more popular in America. :)

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