Making a Thankfulness Jar: An Easy Way for Families to Celebrate the Year.

15781430_10154737966541101_8854583739629662733_nAt the beginning of 2016 my twenty-eight year old niece began a new tradition. She decided to record her most treasured moments of the year on colored sticky notes, and collect them in a jar. Then, twelve months later, on New Year’s Eve, she opened them up and read all those precious memories. These are just some she recorded: 


Bought a car.

Indoor skydiving!


Started a new job with Community Neighbors.

Since we live 4000 miles apart, I don’t see my niece very often, but I could almost hear her laughing, and definitely see her smiling, as she opened up those little notes and re-lived those happy moments in her mind.

These are her words:

Since the beginning of 2016 I have been collecting my most treasured memories of the year. The picture shows only a sample of my many wonderful experiences! This collection has served to show me just how truly lucky I am despite difficult times during the first half of the year.

What a wonderful activity to begin with our little ones at the start of a new year! And it’s so very easy to do:

  • Choose a jar, or several, if your children would each like their own.
  • Together, decide what would be a good name for the jar, such as: Our Blessings /  Things We’re Thankful For /  Happy Moments of 2017 / My Happy Jar etc
  • Label and decorate the outside.
  • Be intentional throughout the year about recording happy moments, in writing or drawing.
  • Open them up on New Year’s Eve, taking turns to read each one.
  • Find a way to preserve those memories, in a scrapbook, or photo album.
  • Begin a new jar each January so that a new family tradition is established.

The Bible exhorts us to cultivate thankfulness. I can’t think of a better way to do it.



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Making a Thankfulness Jar: An Easy Way for Families to Celebrate the Year. — 5 Comments

  1. I saw this idea on Facebook and thought it was great! I didn’t do it, but it’s a great idea. I’m glad to see someone actually followed through. I may have to do it this year. Thanks for sharing this!

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