Walking and Talking with Love

Globe“To get nations back on their feet, we must first get down on our knees.” ~ Billy Graham.

2016 saw 2 major political events in 2 separate countries that saw anger, bitterness and hate during the campaigns and also in the aftermath of the elections as people reacted to the results. Fellow author and blogger Janice D. Green wrote a beautiful post on Boxing Day Join us in prayer for our country . . . asking her fellow countrymen to join her in prayer for their government and country, which fits in well with this post I had planned for the New Year.

2017 will see a new president taking up office in the USA. In the UK, Prime Minister Theresa May has declared that Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty will be triggered by the end of March, starting the formal process of the country leaving the European Union. Across Europe France, Italy and Germany have major elections this year, which also have the potential for anger, hate and division to arise given the feelings that are riding high at the moment.

So in this time of uncertainty, hate and bitterness how do we as Christians respond? How do we act that will leave a positive example and enduring legacy to our children and grandchildren, and also our countries regardless of how we voted and what our opinions are of the outcome? How can we glorify God despite the turmoil we see?

Tony Evans Reflects on the Election Outcome and Aftermath. In this link, Pastor Tony Evans on 13th November clearly addresses the Biblical view on elections, Who is ultimately in control, how we as Christians should respond, even if we don’t like the result, and how we should live our lives regardless of who is in government. His address is to the people of America, but the Biblical principles he teaches are the same, no matter which country you reside in.

What a powerful, positive and hopeful message!

So, in 2017, let us go forward in love, walking and living as Kingdom men and women, keeping our nations in our prayers, and being people who when others see how we talk and live can see Christ in us.

I’ll just leave you with one more link, a children’s hymn for the New Year: One More Step Along the World I Go. It’s a hymn very popular here in schools in the UK, for the New Year and especially for the end of school year when changes are ahead, moving up to a new class or even to a new school. I love how children can sing this prayer asking God to keep them travelling with Him through whatever is going on, good or bad.

~ Wendy Sparkes ~


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