Five Ways to Share Love Letters With Your Child

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s the perfect time to write a letter to your child, to tell them how much you love them. But why limit it to one day a year?

Here’s five ways to bless your child with love letters beyond February 14th: (You will love number 4!)

  1. Write Love Letters in Birthday Cards:

When you buy a birthday card for your child or grandchild, choose one that has enough space to write a love letter inside. Begin with Dear ______, what are you like at two?  (Or whatever age they are.) Tell the child what toys they enjoy playing with, what they’re good at, a fun day you shared together, and what it is you love about them. These cards containing love letters will become precious mementos for the child and parents to look back on year after year.

  1. Keep Love Letter Journals:

I have four precious grandchildren. Before they were born, I bought a small notebook for each one, and began writing love letters to them. The first letter I wrote was while they were still in the womb, where I shared the hopes I had for them, described the family they were about to be born into, and told them about their family ancestry. Now I write letters to them in those journals about every six months, describing what they’re like, how they’re growing and how they spend their days. How precious these letters will be when I am long gone, and because they are contained in a book, the letters will not be lost.

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  1. Share a Love Letter Journal With Your Child:

Buy a journal and explain to your child that this will be a shared Love Letters book. Begin by writing a simple love letter to them, like:

Dear ________, I loved baking cookies with you today! See you tomorrow….sleep tight. I love you, Mom.

Tell your child that each night at bedtime, they can read their love letter and then, if they want to, they can write one back on the next page, before they go to sleep (or whatever arrangement works for you.) This shared letter-writing can begin even at a young age, when it can aid pre-reading and writing skills, not to mention the love-filled conversations it will inspire!

  1. Make an ‘Open When’ Love Letter Box

Write love letters to your child for them to ‘Open When.’ Label each envelope, place in a box and decide with your child where the box should be kept. Some ideas might be Open When:

  • You Feel Sad
  • You Turn Seven (or whatever birthday is next)
  • We’ve Had a Fight
  • You Can’t Sleep
  • You Need to Remember How Much You’re Loved
  • You Want to Laugh
  • You’ve Had a Bad Day at School
  • You Need Reminding How Much God Loves You
  • It’s Christmas Eve
  • You’re Worried About Tomorrow
  1. Put a Love Letter in the Mail

Don’t wait for a special day, like Valentine’s or Christmas, or their birthday, to write a love letter to your child. Just write one from the heart, and most importantly, pop it in the mail!

Happy Love-Letter Writing!


PS. Here’s a cute downloadable love letter valentine craft featuring The Good Shepherd from my 2nd book, Little Love Letters from God. Many thanks to my creative friend, Debi Weaver, for this cute craft!


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