Having Fun with Valentine’s Day

Simple-Red-HeartI spent most of my life in Michigan where Valentine’s Day was a day that everyone anticipated. After months of cold and dreary weather, it was fun to celebrate with red hearts, fresh flowers, and sweet candy. But Valentine’s Day is not just a day for romantic couples—it’s also a day that families can enjoy with their children and grandchildren.

The school where my kids attended allowed the students to bring valentines to share with their classmates. Bringing valentines was not mandatory, but those who wanted to bring valentines were required to bring them for all of the students. I agreed with that rule!

When my kids were in elementary school, I wanted to enjoy the day with our family in addition to sending valentines to school with my kids. We played a family game called “Secret Valentine,” which is similar to the “Secret Santa” game that many play at Christmas. We drew names from a cup and kept it a secret. For a few days prior to Valentine’s Day, we would do acts of kindness for our secret valentine. Making someone’s bed, writing a note, or leaving a sweet treat on their pillow were some of the ways we would be kind to our secret valentine. Then on Valentine’s Day we would reveal who our secret valentine was and give them one more special treat.

Another fun idea is to give coupons to friends or family members. This month’s issue of Clubhouse Jr. magazine has a page of kindness coupons that kids can cut out and share. It goes beyond the traditional valentine as the coupons allow children to help or encourage others. The coupons also include a Bible verse on the back to remind us that loving others is God’s idea!

IMG_2092IMG_2093If you have kids or grandkids in your life, celebrate this day by showing love and kindness to others. It’s better for them than candy!





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Having Fun with Valentine’s Day — 6 Comments

  1. Ooooooooh!!! Secret Valentine? I love that idea SO much!

    Valentine’s Day has always been my favorite holiday. Besides being my birthday, it’s also a day to tell those you love how much you love them. It’s a big deal in our house, too. I bake cookies, send tons of cards, give gifts and do crafts. This ole world needs all the love it can get, right?

    And my very favorite thing to do is send Valentines to my friends who are single. The world focuses on romance, and that’s okay. But it’s so much more. I love to imagine my single friends’ joy when they get a Valentine in the mail from me.

    So I say spread all the love and hearts and chocolate covered strawberries that you can!

  2. Crystal ~ I love the Secret Valentine idea. I like how children can see it as a day for loving one another, not just that “Someone Special” that Valentine’s Day is usually reserved for, and teaching children that love others is God’s idea!

    Pam ~ how lovely that you do that for your single friends! As a single myself, I think that is a beautiful idea. Thank you for thinking of those friends particularly on that day and making it special for them!

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