The Power of Praise #2

CD + Music NotesWe have already looked at how the power of praise can work in our lives when things are going wrong, and how that when we don’t feel like praising Him, that is actually the time we should be doing exactly that and letting the power of praise break the devil’s hold on us. (See The Power of Praise #1)

Today we are going to see how the power of praise can affect our children’s, and ultimately the entire family’s lives for good.

My mum says that if there was a time she could guarantee that we girls would have a falling out; it would be on a Sunday. It would happen as we were trying to get out the door for Sunday School. (My sister has noticed the same thing with her boys.) As we got older it would be after the Sunday dinner when we were clearing up and doing the dishes. Mum says it would usually happen on the days when we were hosting the young people’s tea after church at our house, or when Dad was preaching either at our church or another one.

Sound familiar?Compact-Stereo-300px

So what did Mum do?

She would go to the stereo she had in the kitchen and put a praise tape on. It wouldn’t take long for the arguing to stop (even though sometimes one or other of us would say “Oh, I don’t want that one can we have…?) and gradually we would begin to join in until we were all singing enthusiastically.

Great Hymns & Choruses - 2All of us have fond memories of that time in our lives when we would sing together as we did the chores. A few years ago my sister found those cassettes had been put onto CD and she bought a set for herself, and a set for Mum, who now has a CD player. I too have a set of those albums.

The car is another place where we more often than not had praise music playing. My sister carries on that tradition with her boys.Cedarmont Kids Bible Songs When she was asked by friends at church about the arguments that their children have in the car she replied with “It doesn’t happen,” and explained she had Christian songs playing while they travelled.

So next time your children are having a major argument and you are about ready to pull your hair out, instead put some praise music on, (and join it with the singing too if you are up to it!) and watch as the atmosphere calms as the praises to God sound out.

Remember, when praise is being lifted to God, the devil can’t stand it and can’t be there!

~ Wendy Sparkes ~

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The Power of Praise #2 — 8 Comments

  1. One of my favorite praise songs has this line:

    Blessed be your name
    On the road marked with suffering
    When there’s pain in the offering
    Blessed be your name

    That’s not exactly how I’d phrase it for children, but it’s a good lesson I wish I had known for myself and for my children. I know it now, and am hoping to share it with my grands.

  2. Again thank you for this article! I have two teen aged girls 13 and 15 who argue quite a bit. I’m going to try this technique. I’ll post the outcomes afterwards. I’m soooo elated!!!

    Thanks again!!!

    • :) So pleased you have found this post helpful…and I’m elated for you! I look forward to hearing the results!

      I’m saying a prayer for you and your girls, and I pray this time of praise will create fond memories to look back on in years to come, like it has for my family.

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