The Power of Praise #3

Mother & BabyWe are continuing on with our theme of the power of praise. We have already looked at how the power of praise can work in our lives when things are going wrong, and how that when we don’t feel like praising Him, that is actually the time we should be doing exactly that and letting the power of praise break the devil’s hold on us. (See The Power of Praise #1). Last time we looked at how praise can help when our children are quarrelling. (See The Power of Praise #2).

Today we are going to see how the power of praise can affect our babies, and ultimately your life for the good.

Any mother will tell you that it can be very difficult to remain calm when your baby is screaming and you can’t seem to do anything to settle them. Then as you get upset because you can’t settle your baby, your baby gets more upset, and gradually you both get into a vicious cycle as you feed off each other’s distress.

How can you as a parent, grandparent, relative or carer stay calm when your baby won’t settle?

Sing songs of praise.Cartoon-Melody-Music-300px

Does it really work? I hear you ask.


My elder nephew was very colicky as a baby. It seemed that he forever had to be held and jiggled as he suffered with pains. One thing I did with him, which my sister and her husband then started doing too, was to sing songs, but instead of nursery rhymes I sang praise songs particularly associated with children. Jesus Loves Me This I Know, Jesus Love is Very Wonderful, Jesus Loves the Little Children, Jesus Bids Us Shine, Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam were my top favourites, but I just kept singing through the list of songs I remembered from Sunday School and The Maranatha Kids! tapes we would often listen to when my sisters and I were children. I would quite often repeat them.

Did it calm him?

Eventually. He would gradually calm down and drift off to sleep. But not always. Father & BabySometimes it took a while if the pains griping him were bad.

So what purpose did it serve?

The soothing voice of the adult would be comforting to him. He would also be having words of God’s love sung over him and instilled into him from a young age.

It also served a great purpose for the adult. Singing words of God’s love helped keep the adult calm and relaxed and not so stressed even when they were concerned for the baby.

There will be times when you are just too tired to sing, particularly if your sleep is being disturbed regularly…or you’re not even getting any! Other times you will be tooCD + Music Notes worried if your baby is very sick and you are having to take care of them, or maybe even making an emergency dash to the hospital. For those times I suggest you put on some praise music so that the words can comfort and help you to remain calm when you feel anything but calm and in control. If at home or in car you can put a CD on. However I do recommend that you have praise music loaded on your smartphone, tablet or iPod so you have the music with you ready wherever you go and whenever you need it.

Remember, when praise is being lifted to God, the devil can’t stand it and can’t be there! So even when you are so worried about your child, the praise lifted to God will help you keep calm and remember that He is with you both, He cares for both and He will guide you through.

~ Wendy Sparkes ~

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The Power of Praise #3 — 5 Comments

  1. Yes!!! When my special needs daughter was a baby, she screamed all the time for pretty much the first year. So much colic. So much other pain. I couldn’t even sit and nurse her – I had to breastfeed her while I paced the room because it soothed her belly.

    And when she was older and diagnosed with autism, transitioning was almost impossible, to the point of going from one room to the other was a struggle. Leaving the house and walking to the car was a major battle. That’s when we discovered The Donut Man. We would sing to her all the time, but there was something about Rob Evans’s voice that calmed her, whether he was singing praise songs or quoting Scripture. It worked for years.

    Anna is almost 26 and she still loves The Donut Man! And yes, I’ve told him. We spoke one time on the phone when she was probably about 7, and a few months back, I found him on Facebook. I told him she still loves him. :)

  2. :) Thank you so much for sharing your story, Pam! And I completely agree, Scripture being read is as soothing as praise music. I bet The Donut Man was touched when you told him the effect his singing praise songs and reading Scriptures had on Anna, and the rest of your family. How lovely that she still loves him.

    (I’ve just been onto YouTube to check out The Donut Man as I’d never heard of him before! I can see why she found his voice soothing and I love the singing!)

    • We took Anna to see him live once, but there were so many people there, she was overstimulated and overwhelmed and didn’t recognize him. He’s a lovely, generous man and I was so happy to encourage him. Just wish I could have taken Anna up to him personally. I had the chance, but felt nervous, like I would be intruding. And people were waiting for autographs. :( I should have done it. Lesson learned. I won’t miss another opportunity if it comes!

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