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076702 (1)When my kids were in elementary school, they loved paperback puzzle books that you could buy in the coloring book aisle at the grocery store or drug store. Word search puzzles, mazes, connect the dots, and crossword puzzles—any kind of puzzle got their attention and kept them busy for hours. During their “growing up” years, there were not many puzzle books in the Christian market. Now there are!

Two years ago, my daughter and I had the privilege of partnering with Discovery House to launch Our Daily Bread for Kids–a one year devotional book for children ages 6-12. It was the first children’s product for the brand Our Daily Bread, and more products have quickly followed. A new product that has just been released is Our Daily Bread for Kids–Bible Quizzes and Games. 

The book includes 20 short quizzes based on Bible stories and Bible characters. Each question includes a Bible reference to lead kids to the answer if they need help. The book also includes 60 fun games such as words search puzzles, crossword puzzles, mazes, connect the dot, matching games, and coloring pages. Just like the quizzes, the games are Bible based and give references if help is needed. The back of the book includes pages with answers to all the quizzes and puzzles.

Kids love “thinking” games, and what could be better than thinking about the Bible? It’s a fun way for kids to be entertained while digging deeper into God’s Word. With Easter fast approaching, it’s a great gift to add to an Easter basket. And if you’re going to be traveling for spring break, it can keep your kids occupied in the car or on the plane. You might even want one for yourself!

Here’s to great quizzes, fun puzzles, and learning about God—all at the same time!


You can order the book through Christian Book Distributors or Discovery House Publishers, or ask for it at your local Christian book store.


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