The Power of Praise #4

Cedarmont Kids Bible SongsToday we are wrapping up this series on The Power of Praise.

We have already looked at the power praise has in our lives and in the lives of our children. (Here are the previous posts, #1, #2 and #3 for those who have missed them.)

My question for you today is Does your child have their own praise CDs, or easy access to family praise CDs? (Or whatever format of music it is that you have in your household!)

I have mentioned before that my parents, and my mother in particular, would have on praise songs. When we got our piano when I was a preteen, Dad would like to play hymns and choruses on it. However, one other thing they did was to give each of us our own praise cassettes (which graduated to CDs later on!) and we listened to those as much as we did the nursery rhymes and fairyBullfogs & Butterflies stories that we had. I loved my Bullfrogs and Butterflies cassette, and my sister had her favourite Animals and Other Things. These got passed on to our younger sisters when we outgrew them, but they also had their own too. My married sister loved Glimmer and is now sharing that musical with her own boys. They also enjoy the Cedarmont Kids Bible Songs. Her 5 year old in particular loves to have music on and sings away to the songs coming from his own CD player…or goes “la-la-la” if he doesn’t know the words!

The Junior Praise and Maranatha Kids! tapes were for all of us to use, so they were kept in the lounge where we could get them whenever we wanted. (Junior Praise #4 was our favourite – I’m not sure how many times that one got played!)

Steve Camp CollectionAs a teen Amy Grant and Steve Camp were favourites to listen to. My sister and I also had instrumental praise music on which we liked having on in the background on occasions. (And yes, I did listen to the local radio station as well during my teens so I was up on the current music of the time, but the secular music wasn’t bought for us, and we weren’t encouraged to buy it either. Actually, the radio filled my need to be on the “in” music, and I didn’t feel I was missing out by not collecting the latest pop artist’s release. The only stipulation they had about the radio was that it wasn’t played on Sundays. Looking back I see the healthy boundaries my parents put in place and am extremely thankful for them.)

As I’ve mentioned before, when praise is being lifted to God, the devil can’t stand it and can’t be there! While the previous posts have focused on praise during troubled times, and getting our praise going so we don’t let the devil get a foothold, we still need to be praising during the good times too! And the devilCD + Music Notes doesn’t like to hang around whether the praise is during a good time or a bad, and it can keep him away before he gets close enough to cause a problem!

Either way, providing our children with our own examples of praise, as well as giving them their own opportunities to praise is vital in building up our children’s spiritual health, giving them a good grounding when they are young that will carry them into their adulthood.

So, which praise songs were your favourites as a child?

Which ones do your children like?

~ Wendy Sparkes ~

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The Power of Praise #4 — 3 Comments

  1. My daughters loved The Donut Man and also Kids Sing Praise when they were little.

    I grew up in the Episcopal church, so there weren’t really praise songs for kids. I learned some at the Baptist church VBS, though. The downside of that was when I raised my hand to accept Jesus and they prayed with me and asked if any of my family members were saved, I said no. And then they told me my family wasn’t my family anymore. I was only 10 years old. I don’t remember this, but my mom said I came home hysterical. I never went back to that church. :(

    I’m very thankful hubby and I found Jesus when we were in our 30s and our daughters were still young. We ALL learned to love praise and worship music there. God is good!

    • :) Thanks for sharing your daughters’ favourite praise music from their childhood. They were truly blessed to have you and your husband as parents!

      So sorry to hear about your childhood experiences though :( . I’m so glad that it didn’t put you off Christianity for life and that you eventually found Him, and were able to give your daughters a Christian rich childhood.

      As I get older, I realise more and more what I thought was just normal, even for a Christian home, actually wasn’t, and that I have been incredibly blessed to have the praise music, prayers and Bible reading that surrounded me in the home. I can see the results blessing my life today as the foundations were laid back then. I get the impression that your daughters have had a similar blessing!

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