Fast Freddy

Fast Freddy  by Lee Ann Mancini Adventures of the Sea Kids book series

Fast Freddy
by Lee Ann Mancini
Adventures of the Sea Kids book series

Fast Freddy soon realizes his greatest fear on his first day at his new school. Everyone notices he’s different. With the help of his teacher, Miss Mermaid, and the janitor, Mr. Seahorse, the other students soon learn that teamwork helps turn everyone’s differences (especially Fast Freddy’s) into great strengths.

The first book in her award winning children’s series, Adventures of the Sea Kids, author Lee Ann Mancini uses the story of Fast Freddy to creatively weave the truth of God’s Word, “Do not be afraid for I am with you.” (Is. 43:5) into a child’s hearts through story. She also captures their attention by including a hidden symbol on each page, creating a fun activity to be shared between adult reader and child in all her books.

My two favorite hidden nuggets in Manicini’s books are: a themed scripture and a signature sign-off. First, she tucks a theme scripture verse at the bottom of each copyright page. These can be used to help parents, teachers, caregivers teach scripture memorization to their children and students. Finally, she includes a signature sign off at the end of every book, ” Remember kids to say your prayers and always have Jesus in your heart.”

The illustrations are delightful. Rich in color and imagination, illustrator Dan Sharp captures the heart of Mancini’s story.

Rating: *****

Fast Freddy, (2014, GLM Publishing)
ISBN: 13: 978-0-9863-6041-1
ISBN: 10: 0-9863-6041-4

To learn more about author, Lee Ann Mancini or her books, click here.

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