Our Daily Bread For Little Hearts

075992In December of 2014, Our Daily Bread Ministries released Our Daily Bread for Kids–365 Meaningful Moments with God. This was their first product for children under the brand “Our Daily Bread.” In July 2016, Our Daily Bread for Preschoolers was released. Spin-off products include coloring books, puzzle books, music CDs, and a Christmas CD. My daughter, Teri McKinley, and I are honored to be the co-authors of their books, and we are very excited about two new releases!

Board books for toddlers are always a favorite with little ones, as well as parents and grandparents. The colorful, sturdy pages are designed for busy and curious toddlers. When the books offer an educational and biblical element, the appeal to parents and grandparents is even greater. The two new books fall under the name Our Daily Bread for Little Hearts.

A is for Ark is an alphabet book that features Noah and some of the animals on the ark. Here is an excerpt from the first page:

A is for the great big ARK that Noah built from wood.
God told him how to make it, so it was very good.
Let’s follow all the letters and see what we can find.
You might see lots of animals—two of every kind. 

076005Adam and Eve’s 1-2-3s is a counting book set in the Garden of Eden (before the fall). The following excerpt is on page two:

Let’s walk with Adam and with Eve
and count the things we see.
Are you ready? Let’s get started!
Touch and count with me.

Luke Flowers created fun and colorful illustrations that kids will love. If you have little ones in your life, consider sharing these new books that are especially designed to bless their little hearts!



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