Make Reading A Family Adventure


Farmers and gardeners know you cannot make a plant grow. . . the plant grows itself. What you can do is provide the conditions for growth. (Creating the Conditions for Student Motivation, Ferlazzo)

What?? – Make time for a family adventure and read about it.

  • Cook together –read recipes.
  • Take a trip to the museum, antiques stores, farms – research how items were used and by whom.
  • Attend ballgames, Monster truck rallies, concerts, and jam sessions – read about player stats, trucks, musicians, and reading music.
  • Bird watch, hike, camp – take along field guides, and maps, read about the history of the area.
  • Relax with a bedtime reading that relates to the day’s adventure(s).

How do I find books?

Visit the library, yard sales, book fairs and social media. Share your family adventures with friends and ask them to share with you. Follow parenting blogs that have book suggestions. Share and pin.

Talk – Tell family stories that connect to book stories, making reading relevant and creating relatedness to the family your child loves.

You may find your child bringing books to you, asking for another adventure (Strategies for Helping Students Motivate Themselves).




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