The Witness: An Easter Musical

The WitnessDo you have any Easter traditions?

I’ve written here in a previous post called Hot Cross Buns! about one of my traditions.

Today, I want to share another one. It will come as no surprise to regular followers of this blog that this one is music themed! :)

The Witness was a favourite musical to be played in our family – and it wasn’t just limited to being played at Easter!

Dad had it on record, and then we had it on cassette. Now, I’m really pleased that the writers of the musical, Jimmy and Carol Owens, have it digitally available as a download from their website, from which I now have a copy.

Here’s the website description:

The Witness

with Barry McGuire as Peter

A narrated musical drama:Peter the Fisherman

Here is Jesus’ story told from the point of view of a fisherman-cum-Apostle, Peter, featuring Barry McGuire.

Things may have been dull for the fishing community in Galilee, but they changed radically when Jesus came along. Now a fisher of men, Peter, with the help of an enthusiastic cast, tells and sings the story of Jesus Christ: His astounding ministry, His tragic death and His world transforming resurrection.

~    ~    ~    ~    ~

I love to listen to this musical over the Easter weekend as it powerfully tells and sings out the life Christ_on_the_Cross_silhouetteof Jesus bringing the account alive in my mind. It really helps me to appreciate what Jesus went through for me. (If I have to miss the Breaking of Bread service at church because I’m ill on a Sunday, then I also listen to this then.)

The songs range from quiet and contemplative to upbeat and rousing, a really nice mix that brings to life the Gospel account of Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

Scattered between the songs, Peter (Barry McGuire) wonderfully relates the account as though he’s reflecting on the events that have happened, quoting Scripture throughout. His voice is sometimes sorrowful, sometimes passionate, and sometimes he chats in a normal tone. It does feel as though he is just talking to me, and I love how he has managed to do that.

Jimmy and Carol’s website states that The Witness, along with two of their other dramatic musicals, have “brought thousands to Christ”. I haven’t heard the other two, but I can certainly see why The Witness would have!

I highly recommend this musical for you, your family, and your friends!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter as we remember and thank Him for His sacrifice on the cross for us, and for His conquering over death in rising from the dead.

~ Wendy Sparkes ~

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