When God Calls Your Child’s Name

Austin 1

Meet Austin.

This blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy is just five years old. Last year, his grandma bought him a special gift. She handed Little Love Letters from God to him, and although he held it and smiled for the camera, he wasn’t really all that interested. 

Until he opened the book, turned the page, lifted the flap and saw this…

Austin 2

That’s Austinhe squealed in delight, as he saw his very own name written in his love letter from God. And as the author of these books, it’s so wonderful to hear stories like these, because no one really knows how God is at work in young hearts and minds when they hear God call their very own name.

Who knew that when God called the name of Samuel in the quietness of the temple, that little boy would grow up to anoint kings?

Who knew that when God called the name of Moses from within the flames of a burning bush, an entire nation would be rescued?

Who knew that when God called the name of Mary in the stillness of a Jerusalem morning, when all hope was gone, hope would be restored to the world?

Who knows when God calls the name of Austin through the letters of a little book, what that young boy will do?

Who knows?

See and hear Austin’s reaction as he sees his name inside the book:


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