Choosing Christian Books for Preteens

Books to Share Gods LoveWe have been exploring how to plan a Read, Write, and Sew Camp for preteen girls. First, we looked at making a drawstring book bag. Today, let’s chat about actually reading the book.

First, choose a book for the camp.

It might be a fiction book or a nonfiction book (such as a devotional or Bible study). This could be a book that is read independently and then discussed as a group. It could also be a book that is read aloud by the leader as the girls gather for “camp.”

If you choose a fiction book, be sure to select one with a Christian worldview. That is, look for a book that reflects the values and perspective of Christianity. If you need help with finding a book that fits the bill, you may want could look at the books by the authors on this blog, or you could search the websites of Christian publishing houses such as Zonderkidz.

Read the book ahead of time.

Make notes on the main points of the book. Jot down some highlights for discussion. Add some open-ended questions to your notes, not simply questions that require repeating back information.

Plan how the book will be read.

Will it be read independently in small parts between the times that the camp meets? Will it be read as a group? If so, even preteen girls love to listen as someone else reads, especially if that person is a respected youth leader.

At each step of the planning, pray for God’s guidance in picking and using the book with the girls.

Pray that He will use the book to touch the hearts of the campers. Pray that He will guide the discussions and bless the time of fellowship with the young readers.

What would you add to the list? What books or authors would you recommend for a preteen camp for girls?



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