Zack Black and the Ink Trick!

Zack Black and the Ink Trick!Zack Black wants his very own Spy Kit to play tricks on his sister. The tricks in the kit are really, really funny!

But his sister doesn’t think it is quite as funny as Zack, and things start to go wrong…

A fun story about friends and forgiveness, based on the tale of the unforgiving servant.

A Scripture Union Book.

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Back in August last year, my 6 year old nephew really enjoyed reading Zack Black and the Jam Attack!, so when he visited earlier this year he was delighted to discover another Zack Black book on my bookshelf.

He read the back to see what it was all about, and then started reading.Bookmark (2) He was quite disappointed when I said it was time for breakfast.

“Can I take the book down with me, so I can finish reading it after breakfast?” he asked. I agreed and found him a bookmark so he wouldn’t lose his place.

As soon as breakfast was over, his nose was back in the book!

TorchHe liked the spy torch and the invisible ink, but he said his favourite part was when they all became friends at the end!

I also like this story. It has a great lesson about forgiveness.

Zack Black is fed up when he keeps being blamed for things he hasn’t done and he doesn’t want to forgive Beth. But when he needs forgiveness from his dad, suddenly he realises what it is like to be forgiven, and what it would feel like when someone won’t forgive!

Leena Lane has written a story that children will be relate to as arguments between siblings and friends occur and forgiveness is required.

The back cover is the only place that states that this story is based on theBlack Bible tale of the unforgiving servant. It would have been nice at the end of the story to have the Bible verse printed telling children where they could find the story of the unforgiving servant in the Bible, or to even have the parable printed in the back of the book, just so that children could see what Jesus says about forgiveness and link it to everyday life with this story about Zack Black. However, that is something that you can do as an extra with your child if you want to extend their learning.

I do still recommend this book as the lesson it teaches about forgiveness is valuable. I will be acquiring the other Zack Black books to add to my book collection. :) :) :) :)

~ Wendy Sparkes ~

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