A Mother’s Prayer

First day of schoolDear Lord, please bless my children
in everything they do.
As they grow and live each day,
please keep them close to You.
Watch them as they run and play,
and calm their childish fears.
Comfort them when they are sad,
and wipe away their tears.

I pray that they will know You as a Father and a Friend.
Help them to appreciate the blessings that You send.
Please protect their innocence; keep evil far away.
Give them faith to trust in You and help them to obey.

Teach them, Lord, to know your will. Direct the steps they take.
Give them wisdom from above for choices they must make.
Give me patience, strength, and grace to be a godly mother.
Fill our home with happiness and love for one another.

Hep our family to be strong to do our very best,
that others may see Christ in us and know that we are blessed.
When my children reach the age to go out on their own,
I pray they’ll walk beside You and know they’re not alone.  Amen.

[From: My Mama and Me–Rhyming Devotions for You and Your Child, Tyndale Kids] 


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A Mother’s Prayer — 4 Comments

  1. Beautiful, just Beautiful! My son is 42 and my grandson is 18 and I worry about them as if they were toddlers!! I cried all the way through this prayer. Love it.

  2. Thak you for your kind comments. I just tried to put into words what moms and grandmothers feel in their hearts.

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