Bunny’s First Spring: a Picture Book Review

Bunnys First Spring

I live in Michigan, and spring has finally sprung! It seemed a long time coming, but now, green shoots are on the trees, leaves are unfurling, tulips are in full bloom, and bunnies can be spotted hopping everywhere.

It’s the perfect time to curl up with your little one and enjoy Bunny’s First Spring, by the wonderful Sally-Lloyd Jones, the author who inspired me to write…

Bunny’s First Spring is an adorable picture book written for children aged 4-8. The illustrations, by David McPhail, complement the text perfectly. Sally’s writing is, as always, endearing…

The robins came

And built their nests in the apple tree

And sang to the new day

And their songs filled the air

And the little bunny’s heart.

“The world is beautiful,” he said.

“Like you,” whispered his mother.

Unfortunately for the little bunny, the world does not stay beautiful. Winter creeps in, the leaves on the apple tree fall, and the little bunny begins to think that everything is dying. He falls asleep, and wakes, after a long hibernation, to discover the joyful truth about resurrection and new life.

And the days went on…

Until one morning,

When the bunny woke up

And sniffed the air

And something was different…

Below the snow

Hidden in every root,

Inside every bud,

In every seed,

A secret was stirring…

This lovely book closes with this paraphrased quote from Martin Luther:

God has written the promise of new life not just in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.

Bunny’s First Spring is classic Sally-Lloyd Jones: just beautiful. I highly recommend it.


What other seasonal books for children do you recommend?

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