I’ve Got Questions

417412Kids have lots of questions—some are funny and silly, some are more serious and thought-provoking. This is the idea behind my brand new picture book series called “I’ve Got Questions” published by Tyndale Kids and co-authored with my daughter, Teri McKinley. The first two books in the series are scheduled to be launched on June 1st, so I am giving our readers a sneak preview. One book is titled Does God Take Naps? Here is an excerpt:


Kids have lots of questions!
Do you have questions too—
of who God is and what he does
and how he cares for you?

Let’s talk about those questions,
so you can learn and grow.
Get ready for some awesome things
that God wants you to know.

Written in playful rhythm and rhyme, the text is lively and kid-friendly, yet addresses the person of God and how children can relate to him.The text answers questions such as Where does God live? Does God have pets? And my favorite—How old is God?

The books in the I’ve Got Questions picture book series are not only designed for the child, but also as a resource for parents and grandparents to help their little ones learn more about God and the world around them.

The illustrations by talented artist, Ailie Busby, are colorful, whimsical, engaging, and sure to stimulate a child’s imagination.

The other book in the series which will also be released on June 1 will be featured in my next blog post. Stay tuned!

Here’s to answering all those questions that kids ask!



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