Summer Reading Programs

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Summer reading programs have been a part of my life since I was able to sign up for my first library card at the age of six. Setting goals on how much to read, picking out books, reading every day, and charting progress teaches children valuable life skills.

The American Library Association has listed some benefits of summer reading programs:


  • Encouragement that reading become a lifelong habit
  • Reluctant readers can be drawn in by the activities
  • The program can generate interest in the library and books

In addition, I would say that time management, goal setting, and organization are skills learned through summer reading programs–skills that are taught during the school year. These programs also reduce reading loss that can occur over the summer.

Our library has separate programs for elementary age students, teens, and adults. What a great way to have a whole family reading together over the summer. I’ve honestly never participated in the adult summer reading program, but I think this is the year.

Do you or your children participate in a summer reading program? What do you like best about it? Do you plan to sign up this year?

Happy reading!

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Summer Reading Programs — 3 Comments

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  2. My kids always participated in the summer reading program. We loved it! I’m not sure my library offers an adult program that I could do independently from doing it with a child. It says for all ages, but talks about adults reading to children counting as points. Hmmm. May have to check.

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