Encourage Preteens to Write

writing toolsWe have been looking at steps for planning a Read, Write, and Sew Camp for preteens. Here are some questions that we have explored.

How do we choose a book for Christian girls?

How can they make a drawstring book bag?

Today, let’s look at ways to encourage the girls to write.

Cool Writing Tools – Provide them with fun writing utensils (pens, pencils, colored pencils, markers, chalk) and things for their writing (journals, chalkboards, stationery, and sticky notes). Remember, this is not school. The goal is for them to get ideas down without reservation. The tools for doing it should be fun.

Writing Prompts – Decide if they will write their impressions of the book, answer questions, write an extension to the story, or write a recommendation to another reader.

Places to Write – Encourage them to find a place where they feel comfortable writing. It might be in the group or at home, alone. Music may or may not be added. Make it comfortable, fun, and unthreatening.

Sharing Their Writing – Let the girls know that they will not be pressured to share their writing. Some girls LOVE to read their own words aloud. Others prefer to keep their thoughts to themselves.

What would you add to the list? How could you encourage the girls in your book club to write?


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Encourage Preteens to Write — 1 Comment

  1. It might be fun for the girls to come up with questions to ask the author, and then see if an author might respond.I know that as an author myself, I was thrilled to receive questions from a young girl as part of her class project, and only too happy to respond.

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