I’ve Got Questions—Book 2

417405I introduced Tyndale’s new picture book series, I’ve Got Questions, in my May 16 post. The book I highlighted was Does God Take Naps? which helps children understand the person of God. The other book being released in the series this month is Do Baby Bears Have Mommies?  Written in the same whimsical, rhyming style and question-and-answer format, this book teaches young children about God’s animal kingdom. 

Children will giggle at some of the questions like Why are skunks so stinky? and Can ladybugs be girls or boys? But they will also learn some interesting facts about worms, elephants, eagles, and cows. Lively and colorful illustrations by Ailie Busby will capture kids’ attention, put smiles on their faces, and keep them engaged in the pages.

The book concludes with the following verses:

God made all the animals
and each one is unique.
He made the worms and bugs that crawl,
and furry mice that squeak.

He made amazing creatures
on land and in the air.
And every creature he has made
is always in his care.

Kids have lots of questions and we need to do our best to answer them. But sometimes a child might ask a question that we may not be able to answer. If that happens (like it did with  me!) you can reply by saying, “That’s a very good question. Let’s find the answer together.”  The good news about the questions in Do Baby Bears Have Mommies? and Does God Take Naps? is that the answers are in the book–right there for you to read!

Do you know why sometimes cows moo loudly and other times their moo is soft? Read the book to find the answer!

Here’s to having fun while learning about God’s animals!


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I’ve Got Questions—Book 2 — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks, Glenys, These were so fun to write–whymsical and sometimes even silly, but packed with gentle truths about God.

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