The Adventures of Peter and Leisel 1: A Lesson in Courage

Adventures_of_Peter_and_Leisel_book_1_largeTalking animals . . . a fire-breathing dragon?

Peter and Leisel discover the magical world of Pothering Woods right from their own back yard. But does Leisel wander into a dragon’s lair? Peter must face his own fears as he tries to rescue her from danger.

Come along with them on their grand adventure . . . and learn about God and courage along the way.

A DayOne Publication

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Peter is scared of the woods – there might be monsters living there! But when his sister goes in there to fetch their lost ball, Peter knows he has to follow her. She might be in danger! Then he finds out about the dragon and that to find Liesel he has to go to the dragon!

A story which will capture children’s imaginations as they will be able to relate very well to Peter’s fears. I like how this tale teaches them great truths about fear and courage, what the Bible has to say about that, and also about how God is always with us.

I love the STOP AND THINK sections at the end of each chapter. There is a question about the story for children to answer, and then there is a “What God says in the Bible” verse along with a little devotional about a paragraph long.

What is also nice is at the end is a Bible story – Coming to Jesus for Courage: Matthew 8:23-27. (Jesus Stills the Storm).

Pictures are grayscale. I personally prefer colour but I don’t think children will be too bothered. However, they are nicely drawn and are great addition to the story.

My rating: :) :) :) :)

~ Wendy Sparkes ~

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