Back-to-School Book Swap

BookSwapBagsIt’s back-to-school time! Whether your child is homeschooled or attends a Christian school or public school, the time is near! Let’s face it. . . some kids can’t wait for school to begin, while others want summer to continue forever.

Why not plan a back-to-school book swap to bring friends together and to encourage getting back into the books?

The swap can be for girls, guys, or both. The set up is simple.

What Each Attendee Should Bring

  • a book in a gift bag (Previously read books are perfect. They are no cost and provide a perfect start to book conversations.)
  • a reading treat that cost under a dollar (Think a bookmark or candy bar.)

What the Host Family Provides

  • Invitations
  • Munchies

Families are looking for clean reads for their kids. In the publishing industry, these are referred to as book with a Christian worldview. In other words, the words may or may not be overtly Christian, but they reflect the beliefs of Christians.

Where can families find books with a Christian worldview?

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