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Men of the Bible Coloring Page-DavidHave you ever noticed that some talents seem to get more attention and praise than other talents? Sometimes it’s because of the culture we live in – sports stars are more highly valued by the media than teachers. Sometimes it’s because our passions and talents aren’t understood – maybe your family thinks you should get a “real” job that pays the bills on a regular basis, something more dependable than what they see as a “hobby.” But the truth is, God has uniquely equipped each and every single one of us to fit a part in His plan that only we can fill. In Psalm 139:13-14, David says, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well” (NIV). 

David certainly had an interesting resume. Shepherd, musician for the king, fugitive, writer, soldier, leader, and king were just some of the occupations he could have listed. Today I wonder if he wouldn’t be criticized for not being able to hold down a steady job! Some of those jobs certainly drew more attention than others. More people knew his name when he was king than when he was a shepherd. More people followed him as a leader than they did as a musician. His words have stirred more hearts than any rallying cry he gave as a soldier. But God handcrafted David to fulfill each of those tasks. He knew before the beginning of time exactly the man He would need to serve Him at that precise moment in history. And He knew who He needed to play a key role in the lineage of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

Enjoy the adventurous parts of David’s life with your children, but don’t forget to show them that God used him at every stage of his life, and gave him the talents he needed to succeed in each task. Whether your child wants to be a musician, writer, soldier, politician, or preacher, help him remember how fearfully and wonderfully made he is.

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Bonnie Rose Hudson works as the Executive Editor of, the curriculum site of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine®. Her heart’s desire is for every child to feel the love of God and know how special they are to Him. She would love for you to stop by her author’s blog for resources to help teach your children about missions and the persecuted Church, free history and writing printables, and to discover how you can write for the homeschool market.


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