The Adventures of Peter and Leisel 3: A Lesson in Honesty

Adventures_of_Peter_and_Leisel_book_3_largePeter suddenly finds himself standing before the snarling wolf, his hand so sweaty he can hardly grip his sword.

The evil wolf is back in Pothering woods, but so are Peter and Leisel. Will Peter and Leisel be able to help the animals free themselves of the wolf?

Come along with them on this grand adventure . . . and learn about God and honesty along the way.

A DayOne Publication

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Peter is a hero in the animals’ eyes. He went off to save Leisel from the Dragon’s Lair (Book 1). Although the dragon doesn’t really exist, Peter likes being a hero, so he lets them think he did and tell stories about how he saved Liesel.

Only now they want rescue from the evil wolf that is in the woods that frightened Timidy (Book 2).

As Peter is so brave and courageous he is just the one to fight the evil wolf. But when they really meet the wolf, suddenly Peter realises the trouble he has got himself and his friends into.

In this story children will learn a valuable lesson about deceiving, lying, pride and the trouble it can cause.

As in the previous books of The Adventures of Peter and Leisel, there are STOP AND THINK sections at the end of each chapter. There is a question about the story for children to answer, and then there is a “What God says in the Bible” verse along with a little devotional about a paragraph long, which I love.

Again there is also the Bible story at the end. This time it is The First Lie: Genesis 3:1-7. Satan is shown as the Liar and God as the Truth. Also the message is given that all have sinned but we can be forgiven as God is eager to forgive. (I would have liked a little explanation added as to why God can forgive as sins have been paid at Calvary, like was mentioned in #2).

While each story can be read as a stand alone, as background is given to previous stories where needed, I recommend this series to be read in order. Especially as things from #1 and #2 happen in this story. It will give children a fuller appreciation of the problems of lying and deceit.

Pictures are grayscale. I personally prefer colour but I don’t think children will be too bothered. However, they are nicely drawn and are great addition to the story.

My rating: :) :) :) :)

~ Wendy Sparkes ~

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