The Routine of Christian Devotions

Preschool Bible storybooks on chairRoutines are important in our so-busy culture. Whether it is the routine of mealtime and bedtime for a baby, the routine of completing homework for a school child, or the routine of daily tasks for a senior, we thrive on routines.

The routine of Christian devotions is no less important than our other routines. In fact, it is the most important.

What is a Christian devotion?

It is time set aside to read God’s word. Time to pray and seek God’s guidance. Time to reflect on the events of the day from God’s perspective. A Christian devotion is time with God, time away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.

Why is a set time for devotions important?

Having a particular time to pray and read God’s Word is important. Having a set time minimizes the chance of skipping the time together. We don’t say that we just got too busy and didn’t get to it. Our devotion time is established. We naturally turn to it without special planning. It is the natural thing that happens next at a particular time of the day.

Having a devotion routine not only means that it is more likely to happen, it means that our thoughts can be focused on seeking God and not on the events pushing around the time, vying for our attention.

What are some devotion times that could work for kids?

Back-to-school time offers a great opportunity to create a new devotion routine. The schedule of the day offers some logical times for devotions with kids or teens. Having the established time means that everyone is expecting, planning, and counting on that time together learning about God.

Here are a few examples:

  • First thing in the morning
  • Breakfast time
  • Mid-day (if your children are homeschooled)
  • After school
  • Dinner time
  • Just before bed

Does your family have a devotion schedule? What time and place works for you?

We welcome your ideas on what works for your family’s devotion routine!



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The Routine of Christian Devotions — 3 Comments

  1. I have a habit of praying when I hear an ambulance or emergency siren. I pray for those driving the vehicle and those needing it. Often, on those occasions, my grandson was with me, and so he has learned that little habit too.

  2. Great post, Carol. Children thrive on routine and having devotions be part of a daily routine has so many positive benefits. It also sets the foundation for the teen years. During those years, my kids had their own daily devotions without being told and I was thrilled!

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