First I Say A Prayer

138089I am happy to announce that the third book in Our Daily Bread for Little Hearts series is about to hit the shelves. First I Say A Prayer will be available the beginning of October. This 6 x 6 inch board book is beautifully illustrated by Luke Flowers, who not only captures the text but adds fun and creative details that kids will love. The rhyming text follows multi-cultural children throughout the day as they eat, play, visit a neighbor, admire God’s creation, and enjoy God’s Word. Inspiration for the title came from one of the verses:

It’s time to eat my breakfast,
I climb up in my chair.
My tummy’s very hungry,
but first I say a prayer.

The book teaches children that they can talk to God throughout the day, no matter where they are or what they are doing. Each spread has one verse that tells what the child is doing, followed by  one verse that’s a short prayer related to that activity. For example, on the page opposite the verse about breakfast, the prayer is:

“Bless my food and help me grow
so I’ll be big and strong.
Thank you for my family too.
Please bless us all day long.”

I love writing books that help children see God as their great creator, but also as a friend they can talk to–anytime, anywhere, about anything. As I write for children, I keep in mind that these lessons are also a good reminder to the adults who are reading them.

Here’s to remembering to pray throughout the day!




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