A Legacy of Words

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As a young child of nine years old, I listened intently, wide-eyed with delight, as my father read the lilting verse from the musty, second-hand volume of The Oxford Book of English Verse. How his voice danced with the rhythm of the words! Up, down, round, and through. Over and under each syllable he sailed, propelled by the wind of poetic joy. Like a master violinist, he played each syllable with all of his heart, pouring into it the essence of his being. 

As was often the case, we sat side by side on the large, comfortable sofa in our modest living room. With childhood wonder, I watched his smiling face as he shared with me his great love of words. I was mesmerized by their power to enchant and to enthrall. In awe of their beauty, my mind followed every nuance, breathing in and breathing out the cadence of their melody. Despite my tender years, I experienced an epiphany. Words held power—the power to transport one out of the mundane and into the sublime.

What struck me most about those special times together was the realization that my father was having great fun. That realization proved to be the seed that would later blossom into a call to write. Indeed, the old, red-covered volume became my training ground, the place where I learned that words could create mystery and dreams, sunshine and joy, laughter and love.

Words were the instrument my father played. And words became the instrument I, too, learned to play.

Today, as I fulfill my God-given call to write, I am reminded that a gesture as seemingly insignificant as reading to one’s child can, in God’s grand plan, be the catalyst for inspiring His dream in that child’s heart. Each act of love expressed to our children may be the seed in which lies their future. Each gift of time may be the seed in which lies our own.

Copyright 2017 by MaryAnn Diorio, PhD. All Rights Reserved.

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Dr. MaryAnn Diorio is a widely published, award-winning author of fiction for both children and adults. Her latest children’s book, The Dandelion Patch, was awarded the designation of “Best Book of Juvenile Fiction” in the 2017 Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards Contest. It was
published by TopNotch Press and deals with the topic of Eminent Domain.

To order your copy of The Dandelion Patch, please click here.

MaryAnn and her husband are the blessed parents of two awesome daughters and the delighted grandparents of five rambunctious grandchildren. You may learn more about MaryAnn at www.maryanndiorio.com and at www.maryanndiorioministries.com.

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A Legacy of Words — 6 Comments

  1. How wonderful, MaryAnn. What a beautiful memory. My mom used to read to us, but there was no inflection or emotion to her voice. I, however, am the total opposite, which is no surprise to you. Ha! Congrats on your new book and award!

  2. I loved reading to my children! I loved this line, “Words were the instrument my father played. And words became the instrument I, too, learned to play.” Keep playing your wonderful music, MaryAnn!

    • Yes, Margaret. You are right. I noticed that my Dad was enjoying himself as he read to me from the book of poetry. The fact that my Dad was having so much fun was a big part of his influence in my becoming a writer. I understood–albeit on an intuitive, childlike level–that playing with words can be great fun!

      Now, as an author, I know that, indeed, it is! :)

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