A Little Christmas Tree by Anthony Merrill & Michael Bast

A Little Christmas Tree♦ Title: A Little Christmas Tree
♦ Authors: Anthony Merrill & Michael Bast
♦ Illustrator: Dan Burr
♦ Pages: 32
♦ ISBN: 978-0-692-91244-7
♦ Reviewed by: Janice D. Green
♦ Rating :):):):):)

When I received Michaels Bast’s request to review his book, A Little Christmas Tree, I wondered if it would be another self-published book that I couldn’t give a good rating. But I found this book delightful.

The very first paragraph drew me into the glen where Little Tree was growing and filling his heart with dreams of bringing the true meaning of Christmas to a family on Christmas. The illustrations and rich descriptions carried me from line to line and page to page as Little Tree’s hopes grew, then sank, and grew again. After several Christmases of waiting and hoping, Little Tree’s spirits soar as he is finally selected and loaded onto a truck with several other trees, but on the way to the market, he loses one of his biggest branches.

I don’t want to spoil the story by giving away too much. There are many more ups and downs before Little Tree finally realizes his dream to bring the true meaning of Christmas to a family – not only for one year, but for many years to come. I agree with the claim written on the back of A Little Christmas Tree, this is “the new classic” in Christmas stories. I hope many people will discover this treasure and make reading it a family tradition. I can see children getting caught up in Little Tree’s hopes and falling in love with Little Tree.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I share this opinion with my whole heart, and not out of obligation to anyone. Whenever I receive a book that does not warrant a good review, I only share my review with the author and don’t post it anywhere else.

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