The Kite and the Boy

518Rs5W-zpL._SX302_BO1,204,203,200_I am pleased to review a new children’s book by Aaron Duffy, with black and white illustrations by Katy Haaland Greene. The Kite and the Boy is a well-written, endearing story about the friendship between a kite and a young boy who spends every penny to buy it. The story begins with the kite sitting in a store window, wishing for someone to buy it and take it home. The young boy not only buys the kite, but puts his initials on the kite when they get home.

When the boy launches the kite into the air at the park, the kite is happy in its freedom to spin, loop, and dive, while allowing the string to keep it attached to the boy.  But after a while the kite desires to go higher so it can fly with the birds, and it finally breaks away from the boy.

The kite enjoys its new-found freedom, but soon experiences the consequences of no longer being attached to its owner. The boy searches and finally finds the tattered and torn kite. He loving takes the kite, repairs its wounds, and restores their relationship.

This story is a modern-day parable, paralleling the relationship we have with our heavenly Father. Adults will enjoy the story as much as children. This is one of those rare books that is suitable for many ages. The lesson is powerful and the ending is delightful.  I’m happy to give it a five-star rating.

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The Kite and the Boy — 3 Comments

  1. I agree, MaryAnn. Though the storyline is different, the language and message are in that same gentle voice. It’s a heart-warming story.


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