Fear and children by Karen Whiting


Masks, scarecrows, and scary scenes may cause nightmares and raise fears in young children. That makes this season a great time to chat about fear ad trusting God. Read Isaiah 41:10 and post it:

karenheadshot81916So do not be afraid. I am with you.
    Do not be terrified. I am your God.
I will make you strong and help you.
    I will hold you safe in my hands.
    I always do what is right.

Add some fun exploration.

Look for bugs under rocks and leaves. Examine them and look up facts about them to understand the benefits of insects. Knowledge helps chase away fear. Are there some bugs you are willing to hold? Some bugs, like yellow jackets sting and hurt. What ones should you avoid? How does bug spray help keep away bugs? What helps keep away fear?

Chat about he power of prayer to help you trust God and not be afraid. Talk about prayers God answered to help you remember that He listens and answers prayers.

Go on a shadow hunt. Take a flashlight into a dark room and look at shadows and then shine the light to discover the truth of the shape seen. Use your hands to cast some shadow puppets on a wall. How does a shadow puppet look when you shake your hands? Does it tremble with fear? What happens as you move the flashlight closer or further away from your hand? What happens if you move close or further away from the wall? Which ones make the puppet grow larger?

Learn a verse to be courageous by memorizing Joshua 1:8-9:

Here is what I am commanding you to do. Be strong and brave. Do not be afraid. Do not lose hope. I am the Lord your God. I will be with you everywhere you go.”

Talk about fears and what helps calm the fear. Talk about courage and what helps you be brave. One big fear is talking in front of other people. Can you practice speaking or reciting a verse or poem in front of your family? That’s one way to show you are courageous.

Write a script and put on a puppet show or play about overcoming fears. Add some silly jokes to get people laughing. When you laugh your body makes endorphins that help you feel better and lessen stress. You could do a show about a favorite story like The Little Engine that Could or The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf and talk about fear after the performance. 52Famdevos


If you like puppets check out my book Bible Nature Puppet Mania

Have a Great time overcoming fear and learning to trust God more!









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