Children and Tragedies


Children are facing tragedies daily. Parents are deployed. Storm, wildfires, and earthquakes destroy lives, homes, and communities. Cancer is no respecter of persons, striking the very young and the very old. How we address these situations affects our children’s reactions. They need to know tragedy in our lives is as old as Adam and Eve and our faith gives us the strength to make it through life’s storms. 

May I recommend Blue, a middle grade historical fiction book in the Baker’s Mountain Series written by Joyce Moyer Hostetter. The series is set in Hickory, NC during WWII. Ann Fay, the main character, has to deal with her dad going to war, her baby brother contracting polio, personal illness and its lasting effects, death, racism, and bullying. Readers will understand they are not alone in the things they face. In Blue, neighbor helps neighbor. Church members bring relief and comfort. Strangers offer words and songs of encouragement. At the center of it all faith plays a major but natural role. I pray you and your family are encouraged by Ann Fay and her ongoing story that she would say makes her “tough as hickory.”

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