Coloring pages to teach about Advent

Angel Gabriel appears to MaryMost children enjoy coloring – not only young children, but children at heart – whose ages can be counted by decades. Let’s consider coloring our way through Advent this Christmas season and use the coloring pages to help us focus on the true story of the first Christmas, the real reason for celebrating in the first place.

Honeycomb Adventures Press, LLC offers a set of coloring pages by illustrator, Violet Vandor, that correspond with the picture book, The First Christmas, also illustrated by Ms. Vandor. 

These pictures are specifically designed and proportioned for creating quilt blocks on cotton fabric that can be colored with CrayolaTM crayons to create a quilt, a wall hanging, or to sew around the edge of a Christmas tree skirt. Directions on how to use coloring pages with crayons to make quilt block pictures can be found on my Bible Quilts blog.

The events of the first Christmas can also be followed on my blog, Bible Bites 4 You. These posts correspond with the same coloring pages and are written for an older audience than the picture book.

Normally there is a small charge for the coloring pages; however, I am offering them free through December 10, 2017 to anyone who requests them in the comments below. Your free coloring pages will be sent to the email address you use to log in when you make your comment.

by Janice D. Green, author of The First Christmas. The First Christmas RGB3


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