FREE Women of the Bible Coloring Page – Mary

FREE Women of the Bible Coloring Page-Mary

It’s more than a story . . . more than a manger scene. It’s the Story of all stories, and it’s a story where we can find ourselves. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the unparalleled majesty and beauty, the overwhelming questions and fears, and the holy absurdity that were all part of the first Christmas. The Savior of the world born to a virgin from the smallest of towns, arriving in an animal shelter, and choosing to do it all because He loves us.

I first watched the Christmas Experience from City on a Hill last December, and I have been anxiously looking forward to watching it again ever since. This six-part devotional video series is a beautiful retelling of the Christmas story that weaves a cinema-quality reenactment of the events surrounding Jesus’ birth with devotional thoughts from Kyle Idleman. He brings fresh perspective, inspiration, and even a little humor to the most wonderful story of all time. Journey with Mary as she tries to explain to her family and to her beloved Joseph the events that have taken place. Imagine Joseph’s fears as he realizes he has been chosen to be the earthly father of the Son of God. Meet the shepherds. Get to know the ordinary people God shared the best news of all time with. Marvel as you witness person after completely ordinary person come face to face with the astonishing truth that God Himself had chosen to become Immanuel, God with us.

If you haven’t yet witnessed the Christmas Experience from City on a Hill, I’d like to invite you to check it out on their website. You can purchase this six-part devotional video or a full-length movie on DVD along with study guides and leadership resources. It’s truly a remarkable Bible study, and I hope you can share it with your family.

I also hope you’ll enjoy sharing this free downloadable coloring page of Mary, a God-fearing girl no older than many of the girls you likely know at church or perhaps the age of one of your daughters. When God called her, she obeyed. And nothing has ever been the same since.

Download this FREE  Women of the Bible Coloring Page-Mary Today!


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