The Night Before Christmas Box


Do you have any special traditions for Christmas Eve?

Here’s a lovely idea I found on Pinterest a few years ago: The Night Before Christmas Box. Inside it has:

A new pair of pyjamas

A new book

Packets of hot cocoa


A Christmas film.

Personally, I would miss out the Christmas film from the box. While a Christmas film one year might work out with timing, it might not another year. Children are sticklers for tradition and I wouldn’t want to start something I couldn’t continue. Then of course, depending on how many children you have and how old they are, it depends on whether you need two separate films and fitting them both into the evening.

I quite like the idea of starting it when they are young and them having a box each and then having a “snuggle time” with a bedtime story around the Christmas tree. As they get older, they won’t want to be read to, but I think the sitting around the Christmas tree together, silently reading their own books while munching their popcorn and sipping hot cocoa will be something they still want to do.

I really like how it not only makes a special Christmas Eve tradition, but also provides a little wind-down and a time-out from the heady excitement of Christmas being the next day before going off to bed.Bible Reading - Luke 2

It would then be nice to end the evening as you are now all together, with a Christmas devotional and prayer.

I can see lots of warm family memories being created with this simple activity!

~ Wendy Sparkes ~



P.S. I have lots of other activities on my Christmas Time! board on Pinterest, which you might like to check out!

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