God’s Indiscribable Gift

Baby Jesus 150 smallHave you ever given someone special a gift that you thought would delight them only to have them look at it questioningly, set it aside, and reach for the next one? Ouch!

I sometimes wonder how God feels as he offers Jesus to us.

His desire is for us – to draw us close so we can get to know Him and the great love He has for us – sharing in His pleasure.

He formed this whole world with His words, out of His thoughts and wisdom, so we could know Him as we explore it. Then, He wanted to do more, so He sent Jesus, His Son as a deeper more personal illustration of His love and character. This is the most precious gift – offering salvation and personal relationship with Him.

What will we do with this gift?

Will we reject it and say, “no thank you”? Will we keep it, unopened – unaccessed, in the pretty gift box at a safe distance? Or, will we receive it, availing ourselves of all it contains?

If we receive Him, will we put him on a shelf in our life as an interesting and sometimes useful ornament? One we can go to and look at when want to see something pure and holy? Or pray to in our hour of greatest need?

Or, will we clear the worldly debris from our hearts and enthrone Him there? If we do, will it be a throne room with a door that we only open on occasion, when we feel too dirty and want to spend a little time getting cleaned up so we feel better, and then go out and close the door again?

Or will we move our couch and our beds into the throne room and live there with Him?

I love Joshua’s heart in the Exodus 33:11, “… Then Moses would return to the camp, but his young aide Joshua son of Nun did not leave the tent.” Joshua would not leave the tabernacle where the presence of God dwelt.

The offer is here, the gift has been given, the way has been made. What we do with the offering is our choice. I pray we will fully receive the gift of Christ Jesus into our lives today and every day, to the point where we truly “abide” with Him.

Thank You so much Father God for Your indescribable gift!

Have a truly blessed Christmas~

Kristie Wilde

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About Kristie Wilde

As a mother and Grandmother, I enjoy going on adventures with children and seeing their eyes light up as they discover some new, exciting treasure – especially when that treasure is a bit of insight about who God is, and His wonderful creation. Books are one of my favorite ways to go exploring. I utilize my knowledge of the natural world – gained while acquiring a degree in Forestry – with my love for Jesus and my artistic gift, to create beautiful, insightful children’s books, aimed at lighting up the eyes. I’m the author, illustrator and self-publisher for the "Joyful Creation Series." "Made for a Purpose," and, "So Great a Love," are currently available online and through my website. I’m working on the third book, titled "It’s a Jungle in Here." I’ve also illustrated and published Judy Watson’s delightful children’s books, "Shooting Stars and Satellites," "Green Smoothies and Brain Talk," "All About Me," and, "In my World." I have created illustrations for interpretive signage for several U.S. Forest Service and Park projects. You can follow my progress on my Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/Wildeartpress/, and visit my website at wildeartpress.com.


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