All Creation Declares the Glory of God

Web Logo RGB 500 x 500As a parent and grandparent, I read lots of books to children before realizing that many of them present the world to these impressionable little minds as subjective facts – this is a cow, a tractor, a baby bunny – filling them with information disconnected from God. It troubled me as I watched some of these children growing up thinking that God was just an idea, like Superman or Captain America! These were not strong Christian homes, and according to the input these children were receiving, they were born into a world full of information and stuff to be consumed. They could make as much or as little of it as they pleased. Nothing was of overarching, foundational importance. All the while, they could be making connections between the things they were discovering and the most important thing in life – the God that created it all for His purpose – out of love.

When inquisitive children come to recognize, at the foundation of their explorations, that God made the cow because He is taking care of us and wanted us to have milk, (Among other reasons – but at least there is a reason with God’s love behind it,) they can take this understanding and come to appreciate God more and more as they explore their world. They’ll be able to find expressions of His love in a chicken’s egg or in the placement of a frog eyes.

It seemed an important, missed opportunity to me.

At this point I decided I would write and illustrate children’s books that make a direct link between God and the world these precious children are exploring – supporting their growing faith and understanding of who God is.

The Lord has given me an artistic gift to steward for His purposes, and a degree in Forestry with a fair amount of “flora and fauna” knowledge to pull from to make my books scientifically sound, so the building blocks formed through them are solid and true, (with some slight whimsical touches).

I’m the author, illustrator and self-publisher the Joyful Creation Series. Made for a Purpose, and, So Great a Love, are already published and available. Currently, I’m working on my third book, titled It’s a Jungle in Here. They are available at:, and online on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I hope you, and the children in your lives, will enjoy exploring my books!


Kristie Wilde
Wilde Art Press

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About Kristie Wilde

As a mother and Grandmother, I enjoy going on adventures with children and seeing their eyes light up as they discover some new, exciting treasure – especially when that treasure is a bit of insight about who God is, and His wonderful creation. Books are one of my favorite ways to go exploring. I utilize my knowledge of the natural world – gained while acquiring a degree in Forestry – with my love for Jesus and my artistic gift, to create beautiful, insightful children’s books, aimed at lighting up the eyes. I’m the author, illustrator and self-publisher for the "Joyful Creation Series." "Made for a Purpose," and, "So Great a Love," are currently available online and through my website. I’m working on the third book, titled "It’s a Jungle in Here." I’ve also illustrated and published Judy Watson’s delightful children’s books, "Shooting Stars and Satellites," "Green Smoothies and Brain Talk," "All About Me," and, "In my World." I have created illustrations for interpretive signage for several U.S. Forest Service and Park projects. You can follow my progress on my Facebook page at:, and visit my website at


All Creation Declares the Glory of God — 13 Comments

  1. I admire you for using your talents for the Kingdom. Future generations will be blessed by your work. Thank you for sharing! I am sure these books are wonderful to read–and written with a greater purpose.

  2. Thanks Pam : ) That picture always makes me smile. I try to imagine what was so funny and then I realize that it was probably something the turtle did and the Lord knew all about it.

    • Thank you Glenys, It’s been fun and challenging. I often have to resist the temptation to take shortcuts, but that’s not what God is after~
      Your books look wonderful as well.

  3. Thank you, Kristie! I am so thankful for the way you use your God-given talents to give our little ones a Biblical worldview. May our Lord bless the work of your heart and of your hands, for His glory and for the building of His Kingdom!

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