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Compost Bin

Compost is interesting stuff. You take old scraps, weeds, rotting debris and unwanted vegetable matter and pile them all in a heap. You can turn the pile over from time to time to speed up the process if desired, but even if you don’t, the decomposition will happen. The stuff sits there decaying and turns into this useful material, full of great nutrients for desirable plants, making them grow strong and healthy. Then you have food from those good plants to nourish yourself and share with others.

This may not seem very spiritual, but consider this.

Most of us, if not all, have wounds from things that occurred at various points in our lives. Satan plants lies in these wounds – like: “nobody cares about you,” “you are not important,” “you have no value,” “nothing good will come to you, “you are ugly,” ” etc. The enemy of our souls is not kind and does not have your welfare in mind. His goal is to destroy you. This list of lies can be quite brutal and extensive. As innocent children we believe these lies and they start growing. Latter on, someone you care about may reinforce those lies, feeding them, so they grow stronger with deeper roots.

One day the Lord Jesus opens your eyes to the fact that these thoughts that keep running through your mind, influencing your life and twisting your view of yourself, are lies! He is the great “God of exchanges” (beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness . . . (Is 61:1-3)). He will exchange His truth for the lies you have believed – truths like: He knew you and you were in His heart before He formed the worlds, (Eph. 1:4), He knit you together in your mother’s womb – just the way you are because that’s the way He wants you – for His purposes, (Ps. 139:13), you are beautiful and wonderfully made, ( Ps. 139:14), you are the apple of his eye, (Zach. 2:8), He is for you not against you, 9 Rom. 8:31), through Him you can do all things (Ph. 4:13). The Bible is full of His truths, waiting to be revealed to us.

At the point when you recognize the lies for what they are, they’re plucked out, and, as our great God gives you revelation of His truth, the lies are thrown onto the compost heap in your spirit and truth is planted in that spot. Because of the contrast between the truth revealed and the lies uprooted, truth can grow strong and sure, becoming a great plant, bearing much fruit that nourishes you, and can be shared with others.

Praise be to our great God!

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About Kristie Wilde

As a mother and Grandmother, I enjoy going on adventures with children and seeing their eyes light up as they discover some new, exciting treasure – especially when that treasure is a bit of insight about who God is, and His wonderful creation. Books are one of my favorite ways to go exploring. I utilize my knowledge of the natural world – gained while acquiring a degree in Forestry – with my love for Jesus and my artistic gift, to create beautiful, insightful children’s books, aimed at lighting up the eyes. I’m the author, illustrator and self-publisher for the "Joyful Creation Series." "Made for a Purpose," and, "So Great a Love," are currently available online and through my website. I’m working on the third book, titled "It’s a Jungle in Here." I’ve also illustrated and published Judy Watson’s delightful children’s books, "Shooting Stars and Satellites," "Green Smoothies and Brain Talk," "All About Me," and, "In my World." I have created illustrations for interpretive signage for several U.S. Forest Service and Park projects. You can follow my progress on my Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/Wildeartpress/, and visit my website at wildeartpress.com.


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  1. I love the imaginative way you described the compost pile and how it applies so well to the lies that can fester and grow in our spirits. God’s Word is full of the kinds of truth that we need to hear and nurture.

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