Cold Day Fun

snowflakeEven in sunny Florida we have colder weather and that reminds me of activities i did as a child and a mom to counter the gray skies and low temperatures. It can be too cold to 52Famdevosbe outside more than a few minutes in some places, o you might be more confined indoors. When it is below freezing but safe to go outside think of fun activities to do.

  • Hold an indoor picnic. Turn the heat up a little warmer, put a tablecloth on the floor, and hand a large paper sun on the wall. Enjoy pretending it’s summer and eat some of your favorite summer treats (watermelon, popsicles, etc). If you have a fireplace or wood stove you can add roasting marshmallows or hot dogs. Otherwise makeĀ  s’mores indoors in the microwave.
  • Fill milk cartons or other containers with colored water and set them outside to freeze. Slide the ice blocks out and use them to build a colorful sculpture. Use a little salt to get them to stick together.
  • Go outside, blow bubbles and watch them freeze. Check for more on Pinterest.
  • Do indoor snow sculpting with ice cream and whipped cream
  • Go skating or, if there’s no pond for that, pour some water on the ground outside to create a frozen puddle or river. You can see what it’s like to slide on it. Chat about your faith:Is it frozen? re you just sliding through the week without prayer?
  • Play some fun, but different Olympics like who has the broadest smile, indoor hockey, or dance to some of the figure skating theme songs.
  • Do indoor exercises like running in place and jumping jacks or pumping weights with bottled water.
  • Snuggle up and read some fun books that are set in the summer and chat about what you’ll do in the summer
  • Make snow
  • Make plans for what you’ll do when it warms up. Choose various temperature goals and activities for each. Post them and as the days warm a little and then a lot, check off the activities as you complete them.
  • Take photos of everyone bundled up to remember the cold.
  • Read Isaiah 1:18 and God’s words about snow forgiving sin. Chat about that and how snow is really white when it has fallen and not been touched.
  • Read Proverbs 31:8 and chat about how you are prepared for the cold.








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