About Karen Whiting

I'm the author of twenty-two books with four more releasing in the coming year. I have also written more than 700 articles for over 70 periodicals. I'm the former host of the television series Puppets on Parade. I'm a mother of five and a grandmother. I love to let creativity splash across the pages as I write.

Your Child’s Personality and Reading

Hello from Karen! I enjoy children and their unique personalities. so let’s talk about how temperament relates to reading styles and habits. Our personality influences how we approach life and tasks. Understanding your child’s personality may help you know how … Continue reading

Developing Your Child’s Artistic Sense

Hello from Karen Whiting Many of my books for girls involve creativity and crafts. This encourages that artistic sense. There are many ways to inspire creativity and art appreciation. Colors and beauty surround us, but we don’t always take time … Continue reading