About Kristie Wilde

As a mother and Grandmother, I enjoy going on adventures with children and seeing their eyes light up as they discover some new, exciting treasure – especially when that treasure is a bit of insight about who God is, and His wonderful creation. Books are one of my favorite ways to go exploring. I utilize my knowledge of the natural world – gained while acquiring a degree in Forestry – with my love for Jesus and my artistic gift, to create beautiful, insightful children’s books, aimed at lighting up the eyes. I’m the author, illustrator and self-publisher for the "Joyful Creation Series." "Made for a Purpose," and, "So Great a Love," are currently available online and through my website. I’m working on the third book, titled "It’s a Jungle in Here." I’ve also illustrated and published Judy Watson’s delightful children’s books, "Shooting Stars and Satellites," "Green Smoothies and Brain Talk," "All About Me," and, "In my World." I have created illustrations for interpretive signage for several U.S. Forest Service and Park projects. You can follow my progress on my Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/Wildeartpress/, and visit my website at wildeartpress.com.

Spiritual Compost

Compost is interesting stuff. You take old scraps, weeds, rotting debris and unwanted vegetable matter and pile them all in a heap. You can turn the pile over from time to time to speed up the process if desired, but … Continue reading

All Creation Declares the Glory of God

As a parent and grandparent, I read lots of books to children before realizing that many of them present the world to these impressionable little minds as subjective facts – this is a cow, a tractor, a baby bunny – filling … Continue reading